Friday, March 6, 2015

Beachbody Bullshit

      Warning: this will piss off a lot of people and I don't care. It's a daily struggle to be a personal trainer, let alone with a college degree in kinesiology and exercise science, like yours truly. What struggle? Constant nonsense flooding the market telling people their product will make them skinny. My newest pet peeve, Beachbody coaches. 

    It is not necessarily the people in general I dislike, it's how they're portraying themselves. I know many Beachbody coaches, and I also know none of them have an actual educational background in health, fitness, or nutrition. They're selling a product. Does it work? I guess, in a way, but it's not teaching you to change your lifestyle. It's a "quick fix". Everyone wants a little blue pill to make losing weight easy, but let's face it, that's not how life works-- unless you want a little blue pill to make things hard, that they have! But I'm not here to endorse Viagra (unless they want to pay me?!). 
   Becoming healthy requires a complete lifestyle change. It will be hard but it will be worth it. Gimmicks like nutrisystem and Beachbody are not lifestyle changes because it's not realistic to maintain it for a long time; it's expensive, for one. If you can afford to make that your lifestyle, call me, give me your money instead! Or marry me, either one works. It's also stagnant, there's little room for error or change. 
    I know I would much rather live my life and plan my exercise and meals around the adventure of life. There's much more variety and freedom, not to mention taste. Why have a gross milkshake when you can have a real one?! I'm sure Beachbody coaches across the country will come riot outside my door-- so I'm asking fellow trainers, dietitians, professionals who learned and earned to back me up! Figuratively, of course, I only have 1 couch to sleep on. Beachbody, insanity, p90x, nutrisystem, etc are a product, not backed by FDA offering a quick fix, not a healthy life. Don't even ask me about how many injuries I've seen from insanity launching, we will be here all day. Coaches need ZERO background in exercise or nutrition, but they're selling you that? This alone should make you wary. I have watched one too many "Beachbody coach" videos with their awkward and terrible form inflicting the minds of those new to getting healthy. They're popping up with nutrition and shake recipes but can't even begin to explain how it works because they don't need to know nutrition. They need to know how to market and how to sell. They don't know squat about the biomechanics of... Let's say, a squat! Or how to modify that push-up due to a previous risk fracture. You have a list of medications? They don't know what any of those are for or how they might react with your food. These reasons are why I passionately urge people to seek out professionals! Not look for the easy or cheapest health plan. You have one life- ONE. It's worth the extra few bucks, don't you think? As you can see: it's all about business. 

   Eating real foods, working activity and exercise into your daily routine, and choosing to take care of yourself are how you create a lifestyle change and there are so many of us out here with the tools and knowledge to help you reach your goals realistically and safely, not to mention enjoyably! All I'm saying is do your research! Education and knowledge will always get you much further than the "quick fix"! Check out my last blog about clean eating and IIFYM (macro counting) these aren't gimmicks- simply a better way to view your food. Food is fuel, fuel your body with the real & healthy to perform at peak levels! 

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