Saturday, May 23, 2015

Gym Anxiety

Having anxiety about going to or using a gym is a very real thing. And it's understandable! Most gyms these days are huge; boasting classes, tons of equipment, people with huge muscles, and loud noises everywhere. Not sure what to do? You just got even more overwhelmed. But this article is for you. 

Let me start by first telling you congratulations. You stepped foot into a gym because you made the decision to get healthier and change for the better. Second, let me assure you that there are people who can help you. Everyone who has gym anxiety, has it for a reason. Really pinpointing why you feel anxious about the gym is the key to getting past it. I'm going to address a few common gym anxieties. 

Are you self conscious of how you look? Well I promise you, not every person at the gym is Arnold Jr. They all started somewhere! Most gym rats are nice and don't bite and I've never met one who has rabies. I won't lie, the gym is not a judgement free area BUT most people will offer to help or have more of a positive attitude than a negative one. Gym clothes have also come a long way! When you look good, you feel good. Get some gym clothes YOU feel confident in and that flatter your figure. There's also starting points- you can walk outside or utilize a smaller gym space, even do at home workouts until you feel more comfortable. 

Are you afraid of the weights and machines? They can be overwhelming. No one wants to look like an idiot. But you have to learn! Group classes and personal trainers are a great resource every gym has, utilize it! Still hesitant? You can always walk on a treadmill and scope out what people are doing. Just keep in mind, they might not be doing it correctly. Personal trainers may seem intimidating but I promise you we are here to help and we love to help. We went into this business because we have a passion for health. Trainers come in all shapes and sizes with varying degrees of background and specialties so I can't imagine there isn't one out there for you. I promise we aren't judging you- we want to, and enjoy, helping! 

You only have one life, you have to live it! If you have anxiety about joining or using a gym, address it and find a way to overcome it. Take a friend or go during off peak hours. Try a new class. New can be scary but it can also be great!