Tuesday, December 16, 2014

The Skinny on Society

   Our society shapes so much of our lives that it's getting out of control. Everywhere you look, there is an ad or social media telling you how to look, how to dress, how to eat, how to live. The problem is, so much of this is created by marketing departments to sell you a product. They don't want to better your life. They want to make money. Everyone needs more, bigger, better. They need to be skinnier, have bigger boobs, and a thigh gap. Why? Because society tells you so. Because that is what's popular and pretty. WRONG! What should be promoted is being healthy. Even if you are not the healthiest, just making healthy choices is a step in the right direction. What should be promoted is real images and products-- no gimmicks.
   This blog has been a long time coming, but after the VS Fashion Show, and the onslaught of statuses and pictures of the models with captions "starting my Angel diet tomorrow!" I just became utterly disgusted. Those models are a size 0. For most people, that's not a healthy weight. For some, who are naturally just petite, that's one thing. Women who are 5'7 shouldn't weigh 110 pounds though. So just a reminder, for those who get caught up and forget, because these days it's so easy to believe what you see and read; pictures of models are photoshopped. Not to mention those people won the genetic lottery, but being pretty is their career. They have the time, and money, to spend on chefs who create special meals and the time and money to spend on personal trainers for hours on end each week. Then they have people contour and edit their looks, to make them more appealing. It's unrealistic. Yet people are striving for it, failing, and becoming frustrated. Last time I checked, no instagram filter is creating these effects. Stop beating yourself up over
something you can't possibly become; strive to be better than the person you were yesterday, no somebody else.
    There is truth in the phrase "Love Yourself". Everyone has flaws, but everyone is also unique in their own way. Don't stress over the flaws only you are seeing; embrace the uniqueness. Rock what you got!
   Be realistic. If you don't love what you see in the mirror every day, change it. But set small goals that you can reach. Remind yourself you are doing this for you, not so you can try to transform yourself into someone else. Me personally, I envy athletes. Especially now, while I'm on injury reserve and I can barely walk around. I don't envy their looks or their fame; I envy their dedication, self discipline, and raw talent. I watch sporting events like the Olympics in complete Awe, and it makes me want to set goals for myself. I know I'll never become an Olympic gymnast, but I can vow to stretch every day and try to push for those extra few minutes during my run. My point is, don't try to change and become something you aren't and can't be. Be a better version of yourself.
   Also, stop buying into everything you see. Ads these days have experts working behind the scenes to sell you that product. So the commercial with Beyonce drinking a Pepsi or Kate Upton and Paris Hilton eating cheeseburgers- do you really think those women do that? They don't. They endorse those companies because they are paid to. Marketing magic knows we idolize celebrities, and they buy them to sell you their product. Ever see a commercial that just get's your mouth watering, only to run out, buy the burger, and be sadly disappointed and with a stomach ache? More marketing magic. They beef up the beef (pun intended, I can be funny, too!) to make it look simply delectable. But any cheeseburger that costs a measly few dollars should make you wonder what kind of beef, and how much, they're really using. I've worked for many restaurants as a chef, and many real restaurants either hire professional photographers to photograph their food, or they don't use them on the menu. Want to know why? It's hard to capture food in an appetizing way sometimes. Nothing should come close to looking as good as the real deal. Look below; how they market their food, vs what it actually looks like when you get it in real life. Take a step back from the media, from society, and stop buying into their tricks. Research things, learn things. The more you know, the more prepared you are to be healthy, and happy.

How they market their food

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