Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Setbacks Happen

   Setbacks are inevitable. Unfortunate, but inevitable. You've finally gotten into your groove, and have been doing really great with eating healthy and exercising and then life comes up and throws a wrench in your plan. Whether it's a family emergency, a vacation, an injury, or work just gets crazy it causes you to have to stop and fall back. To me, it's not "falling off the wagon", life sparta-kicked you off that wagon! But you have to persevere and push through, not let it defeat you or all of your hard work. I recently sustained an injury to my left knee; torn meniscus and ACL which will both need reconstructive surgery. I spent the first few days after the injury being in denial, and then as doctors told me the seriousness of it, I hit anger. Now, I'm in acceptance because the fact of the matter is, I can only do so much about it. Do I miss running, squatting, lunging, hell even walking? Of course. But there's nothing I can do but continue to be healthy in other ways. I'm still working out, I'm just focusing more on my abs and upper body and keeping my right leg strong. This means I also had to seriously reevaluate my diet; I'm not burning upwards of 800 calories in a workout anymore so I don't need to eat as much to refuel. My point is, face your crisis, and take control.
   Life gets busy, and you may lose the time you did have for your workouts. Things to keep in mind:
1. Something is always better than nothing. This means that even if you only have time for a 10 minute walk or cardio session, take advantage of it! Burning 100 calories is better than burning 0, always. Refuse to miss your favorite TV show, do commercial break workouts. Running errands? Park far away, take the stairs. Chores around the house? Stand on one leg while you do the dishes or fold laundry to work your core and balance.
2. Health is Important. I know you think there isn't enough time in the day, but if you come down with a metabolic disease, those doctor appointments will need to be fitted into your schedule too. Schedule exercise just as you would any other appointment. People always say they're too busy; but then they log hours in front of the TV or computer, or their phone. For me, it's reading. I can sit down and read a book for hours so I'll usually allow myself 1-2 chapters and then I have to put the book down and do other productive things. My point is, not making the time to exercise and eat healthy is only going to cost you more time in the long run. So while McDonalds might be quick, spending those minutes making your lunch the night before could save you countless minutes down the road.
    There are also the times you really have no control over the situation; whether it be an injury or you have to take care of somebody but you cannot let it get you down. I know for a fact if you have ever worked out even once, then you have reaped the benefits of better sleep and an overall feel good vibe. Exercise for your own sanity, if nothing else. You don't have to burn 1000 calories to get the benefits so don't think the little that you can do, isn't good enough. [See my blog on the benefits of exercise!]
    Then there is the classic "I'm on vacation" excuse. Yes, you are on vacation to take a mental break from life and recharge, but that doesn't mean you get to eat fudge for breakfast every day and lay around like a lump. I mean, you can, but deconditioning happens fast. Just a mere week off from all exercise won't erase everything you've done, but it will be harder to go right back into your regular routine. All the unhealthy eating you're doing too? Don't be surprised when you start to crave all the junk food again, which you worked so hard to get out of your system. Go for a walk on the beach, take advantage of the free hotel gym, swim a couple laps. You don't have to go to extremes, but at least keep moving. And then take a nap, because you're on vacation!
   It would be unrealistic to think that nothing will ever get in between you and your health. It's going to happen, and then it's going to happen again and again so you might as well prepare as soon as you can for it. That way, when it does happen, you're ready and you won't become completely derailed from the health train!

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